Many children require special services such as speech therapy, physical therapy, special health services, or other related services. These special services are provided to the children with disabilities through collaboration with the Local Education Agencies (LEA) and other agencies.

  • Hearing Impairment, including Deafness 

  • Orthopedic Impairment 

  • Visual Impairment, including Blindness

  • Learning Disabilities 

Disabilities Services

In Head Start, all children are special, including those with disabilities. Head Start considers each child a unique person with individual strengths and needs, and provides an individualized program for the child. Regardless of the severity, children with disabilities are welcome in Head Start, including:​

Education Services

All children need individualized, developmentally appropriate stimulation at every stage of growth if they are to have a chance of achieving their full educational potential. Children who fall significantly behind in language, and cognitive ability in early childhood are likely to remain behind for the rest of their lives.

The main goal of the education unit of the L.B.J. & C. Head Start Program is to provide a child development program that will help children gain the social competence, developmental skills, and confidence necessary to be prepared to succeed in their present environment and with later responsibilities in school and life. In order to accomplish this goal, our objectives are:

  1. To provide children with a learning environment and the varied experiences, which will help them, develop socially, intellectually, physically, and emotionally in a manner appropriate to their age and stage of development towards the overall goal of social competence.
  2. To provide a program of on-going assessment that will collect data, track the children's progress and accomplishments and assist in planning and implementing activities to meet their individual needs in the following areas: language development, literacy, mathematics, science, creative arts, social and emotional development, approaches toward learning and physical health and development.
  3. To involve parent/guardian/caregivers in the educational activities of the program to enhance their role as the principle influence on the child's education and development.
  4. To assist parent/guardian/caregivers to increase their knowledge, understanding, skills, and experience in child growth and development.
  5. To partner with parent/guardian/caregivers, assisting them in identifying and reinforcing experiences that occur in the home that can be utilized as educational activities and increase the child's skills in language development, literacy, mathematics, science, creative arts, social and emotional development, approaches toward learning and physical health and development.
  6. To assist each child in improving his/her literacy, numeracy, language, cognitive, gross and fine motor skills, social behavior and emotional well being and positive attitudes towards learning.

L.B.J.& C. Head Start is increasing the quality and quantity of language and literacy expectations for the children we serve. Although many factors influence children's ability to succeed in school and later in life, among the most important are learning to read and write.

L.B.J.& C. Head Start's Effort to Improve Program Services
L.B.J.& C. Head Start uses child outcomes data to improve our program of services so that our children will make progress in our program and succeed in school. We have improved the content, quality, consistency, and credibility of our ongoing assessment of the children's progress and accomplishments. We analyze data collected to plan for and provide program improvement.

Head Start Screening Activities:
Brigance Preschool Screen is used to identify children who may have learning difficulties, handicapping conditions, or who may be at risk for developmental delays.

Fluharty Screen is used to identify children who have speech and language delays.

Head Start Diagnostic Assessment Instruments:
Learning Accomplishment Profile Diagnostic Edition (LAP-D) is administered if the child fails the Brigance Screen. The LAP-D identifies specific learning disorders in the domains of Fine Motor, Cognitive, Language, and Gross Motor so that decisions such as referrals and placement can be made.

Family Services

L.B.J.& C. Head Start strives to assist the entire family by increasing their self-confidence, self-efficiency, and improve the overall quality of their lives. The Family Service Unit provides an on-going outreach and recruitment process that informs families of services provided and solicits applications for enrollment into the program. Head Start families receive assistance with developing a Family Partnership Agreement, assistance in attainable goals, and a comprehensive Community Resource Booklet. Counseling, emergency assistance, support, and guidance are provided to families either directly from the Head Start Program or through our extensive referral services.

Through follow-up and coordination and cooperation with area service providers, Family Service staff serve as advocates for L.B.J.& C. Head Start families. If a family has difficulty securing food, clothing, shelter, or any other available service, the family can call their local Family Service Assistant for assistance in acquiring their needs.

Health Services

The Head Start program provides a comprehensive health service program that includes a broad range of medical, dental, mental health, and nutrition services for the children. The Health Plan provides the child's family with the necessary skill and insight to link the family to an on-going health care system to ensure that the child continues to receive comprehensive health care even after leaving Head Start.

Mental Health Services

Children who develop low expectations of themselves because of problems in early childhood may never achieve a level of self-esteem needed for educational success. The Mental Health Unit of Head Start focuses on the intellectual, emotional, and social development of the child and the family's ability to cope with everyday stressors. Often, "mental health" brings to mind mental illness. However, to be mentally healthy means to get the most out of life and has nothing to do with mental illness. Mental health or mental wellness is the capacity to cope with all of life circumstances; the highs, the lows, the joys, and the sorrows. We all experience good days and bad days! The difference is how we get through each day and our ability to continue building life management skills. Therefore, Mental Health in Head Start focuses on love, work, and play.

L.B.J.& C. has contracted with Assessment, Counseling and Training Services (ACTS) to provide mental health services for the Head Start program. The ACTS team of mental health professionals provides support to children, parents, and staff members and is available to them for consultation, assessments, and training.

Each year, a Parenting Training Program is offered in each of the Head Start locations. ACTS conducts this program. We encourage 100% participation in this exciting program. Parents and the community are notified when the Parent Training Program is scheduled in each area. Mental Health makes good families better.

Nutrition Services

The major goal of the Nutrition Unit is to develop, implement, and maintain a food service program that:

  • Provides meals appropriate to help meet the child's daily nutritional needs in accordance to Head Start Regulations and USDA/CACFP Requirements. 

  • Provide nutrition education for the child and parent. 

  • Encourage and instill healthy eating habits. 

  • Assist the family in the utilization of food assistance programs. 

  • Provide budget and consumer food information. 

  • Provide information on proper methods of food storage and ideas and utilization of leftovers. 

  • Assure compliance with local, state and federal sanitation laws and regulations for food service operation. 

  • Provide nutrition training for staff, volunteers, and parents. 

  • Assure equipment, materials, and supplies are available for the smooth and timely delivery of the food service operation. 

  • Encourage family input into the menus to ensure culturally diverse menus.

Parent Involvement/Volunteer Services

Parents are invited to serve as officers of the Parent Center Committee, to serve as a Policy Council Representative or Alternate, and to share in the decision making process about the nature and operation of the program. Parents may attend meetings and trainings. Suggestions are always welcome for consideration concerning the program. Parents are encouraged to observe in the classroom, volunteer in any area of the program operation, and apply for employment with Head Start when jobs become available. Parents should help develop activities for the children's locally-designed curriculum and to work as partners with the staff in the development and education of their child.

Every third person in the classroom should be a volunteer. Parents are welcome to visit the center anytime. Parents can visit the classroom of their choice and participate to the degree they desire pending any legal restrictions. Parents can attend meetings and vote on decisions that are being made, and parents can also attend parent workshops and learn more about current topics. L.B.J.& C. Head Start is committed to the development of compassionate partnerships in the parent and staff relationship, while providing the children with optimum growth and development.

Parent's participation is not required as a condition of his/her child's enrollment. Participation is voluntary. However, Head Start needs parental input into all aspects of the Head Start Program. L.B.J.& C. Head Start plays a key role in all communities that we are located in. Head Start depends on the community for support, guidance, resources, and advocacy. The community depends on Head Start for improving the quality of our society by giving children a foundation to succeed in life and providing needed services to families. Each year, a Parenting Training Program is offered in each of the Head Start locations. Assessment, Counseling, and Training Services (ACTS), as well as 21st Century Exploring Parenting are parent trainings that are made available each year. We encourage 100% participation in this exciting program.

Training and Development Services

The goal of this Unit is to develop, improve, and maintain the quality of professional and paraprofessional staff performance at all levels and within all Units of L.B.J.& C. Head Start program. Head Start encourages and supports its staff and families we serve in utilizing the career development opportunities within our program.

Services include:

  1. Implementing a Training & Technical Assistance (T&TA) Committee with a representative at each center to assist staff and Head Start family members.
  2. Refunding the parent's GED test fee, if the test is taken while the child is enrolled. A copy of the score sheet and payment receipt must be submitted.
  3. Assisting Head Start family members to further their education and job skills by providing information on local Colleges, Universities, and Technology Centers and by assisting them with filling out Financial Aid requests.
  4. Working with local Adult Basic Education Offices to provide ABE and GED classes.
  5. Providing training and workshops for parents and staff.

Transition Services

The main goal of the transition unit is to provide a smooth transition process into and out of the L.B.J.& C. Head Start program for the child, the parents, and teachers. Transition, moving from one environment to another, can be very difficult and stressful for young children and their families. Some of the services offered include:

Parent/Child Orientation: Parents learn about the services offered, their rights and responsibilities; and are welcomed to the Program and encouraged to volunteer in many areas. Children meet the staff and become familiar with the center.

Teacher's First Home Visit: Prior to the child entering the classroom, the child's teacher visits the parents and child to further explain the services offered, gather information about the child and family, and offer at-home transition activities for the parent and child to do together to prepare for the Head Start experience.

Kindergarten Visits: The child, parents, and teachers visit the public school the child plans to attend. Kindergarten teachers also visit the Head Start center to meet with parents and explain the kindergarten program and answer questions.

Transition Booklet: Each family whose child will be entering kindergarten receives an informative booklet to assist in preparation for the transition into kindergarten in their county's public school system.

Forwarding of Records: Upon parental consent, children's records, including health summary reports and educational summary reports, will be forwarded to the elementary school the child will attend. Additional individual transition services are available to both the children and families who exhibit the need or request these services. 

  • Health Impairment 

  • Emotional/Behavior Disorders 

  • Speech/Language Impairments 

  • Intellectual Disability 

  • Autism 

  • Traumatic Brain Injury 

  • Other Impairments

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